The Community Support Programme is available to community organisations with an income of under £100,000 per annum on their most recent published accounts, and the application process is on-line. Assistance is available to those unable to complete an on-line application on request. 

The programme operates through two models which can be used individually, or as a hybrid for qualifying individuals or organisations.

Model 1 - the delivery of a range of 3-hour skills development and capacity building workshops aimed at small groups of employed staff and/or volunteers who will use the skills learned to further develop their own, or other organisations’ skills and capacity within their community. 

These are currently delivered as required and may include the following workshops: 

(i) An overview of fundraising through bids and events 

(ii) Recruiting and managing volunteers 

(iii) Budgets and accounts made simple 

(iv) Making the most of the media. 

(v) Using on-line and ICT services effectively

Dates for these workshops are available on request and will normally take place at the Trimingham Log Cabin Youth and Community Resource Centre in North Norfolk, and will be charged at £15 per person, per workshop, to attend to include handouts and light refreshments. 

Model 2 – A bespoke workshop, or short training programme, designed to meet the specific needs of an individual or qualifying organisation. This will begin with an assessment of priority need carried out with the individual/organisation followed by a responsive programme of learning. 

This programme can include those workshops in Model 1 (above) or some specific training as identified within the assessment of need. 

Who can apply? 

• Community organisations with an income of under £100,000 per annum and whose purpose is to support the development of individuals and services within communities. Attendance at workshops will cost £15 per person.

• Community groups with an income of less than £25,000 per annum can apply to a bursary fund with grants of up to £100 to fund volunteers to access the programme In line with the Foundation’s original aims, priority for bursary support grants will be given to: 

• Projects supporting young people and adult volunteers living in Norfolk; 

• Projects that have a direct benefit of attracting young people and adult volunteers to serving their local communities;

 • Projects that provide young people and adult volunteers with new skills, personal development and new experiences;

 • Projects which clearly demonstrate measurable outcomes and clear benefits to the beneficiaries. 

How will applications be considered? 

Applications for funding for places through the Bursary Fund will be through completion of the Community Support Programme Bursary Application Form

    Workshops for 2024 will take place as part of the Norfolk Small Charities Showcase event in Norwich on 22nd June 2024

    The Application Process

    If your annual turnover is less than £25,000

    Make an application to the Bursary Fund

    If your annual turnover is less than £25,000, we may be able to help with grants of up to £100 to fund volunteers accessing the programme.

    Apply for your place on the programme

    This form needs to be filled out for each volunteer that wishes to apply for a place on the programme.
    Your application(s) will be reviewed at a Kearns Foundation meeting by our board of trustees and advisors which are normally held four times a year in the Spring, Summer and Autumn. Following this meeting, you will be contacted with the results of your application(s).