The Kearns Foundation is an independent registered charity established in 2007 to encourage and support activity, and opportunities, for young people and adult volunteers. Our aims are to help them make positive contributions to both their own personal development, and to their local, national and international communities. 

The Foundation is run entirely by a team of volunteers, made up of people who share the Foundation’s vision. We are a small charity that wants to make a big difference.

The Foundation works through a variety of methods, including:

  • A small grants programme to support individuals and community organisations to access personal development opportunities that in turn give wider community benefit.
  • Professional support and advice to community groups that share the objectives of the Foundation to further, and sustain their work, for the wider community benefit.
  • The ownership and management of the Trimingham Log Cabin Youth & Community Resource Centre on the North Norfolk coast.

Funded mainly from private donations, grants from charitable trusts and excess revenues from the Trimingham Log Cabin and fundraising events, we aim to make a little money make a big difference.

Please click on one of the links in the navigation bar above to explore our Small Grants and Community Support programmes in more detail, including a full criteria for applicants and a step by step process of how to apply online, and to find out more about the Trimingham Log Cabin Youth & Community Resource Centre.

Our Trustees

The Board of Trustees includes family members, and those who share the Foundation's vision. Membership of the Board includes Advisers, made up of a range of experts, including young people, all of whom contribute to the development of the charity. The Kearns Foundation's aims reflected the wishes of the family, to support causes that promote personal, and organisational, development that have longer term benefits in local communities.

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