The Kearns Foundation was established in 2007 as a charitable trust to encourage and support activity, and opportunities, for young people, and adult volunteers, to make positive contributions to both their personal development, and to their local, national and international communities.

Who can apply?

  • Individual young people (aged 11-21 years)
  • Adults in membership of a community organisation (with an annual income of under £100,000 in its most recent completed financial year) undertaking activities that contribute to their personal development for wider community benefit

What sort of things will the Kearns Foundation consider funding?

Examples of projects that the Foundation may support include:

  • A young person, or adult volunteer, requiring financial assistance to access a training, or development course, to learn skills that could be passed on to others in the community. This might include supporting community youth work, community arts, or developing community leadership.
  • A community organisation that needs help with recruiting and training volunteers, committee members, fundraising or marketing.
  • A young person, or adult volunteer, needing assistance to access an international exchange, or study visit, that promotes co-operation, builds personal development and community capacity.
  • The Kearns Foundation welcomes applications from all individuals and community organisations, and each request is considered on its own merits.

How much is available?

  • Grants are normally awarded of amounts between £50 and £250 per project depending on the funds available at that time.

In line with its original aims, priority will be given to:

  • Projects supporting young people and adult volunteers living in Norfolk
  • Projects that have a direct benefit of attracting young people and adult volunteers to serving their local communities
  • Projects that provide young people and adult volunteers with new skills, personal development and new experiences
  • All supported projects must demonstrate measurable outcomes and clear benefits to the beneficiaries

What sort of things would the Kearns Foundation not normally fund?

  • Buildings or buildings’ maintenance costs
  • Pre-high school age group projects
  • Endowments
  • General running costs and non-specific appeals

How will applications be considered?

Grant applications will normally be considered at Board meetings four times a year although trustees reserve the right to consider applications at any time.